How to Achieve Comfort and Style With Sustainable Activewear from Cosmolle

Achieving comfort and style with activewear can be very easy if you choose to wear Cosmolle’s sustainable activewear. This is why it’s important to know everything about Cosmolle, how important is sustainability for them and obviously, how can you achieve the comfort and style that you have been looking for. 

Spilling the beans about Cosmolle

They consider themselves an eco-fashion brand that offers performance-driven activewear sets for women that are sustainable and offer comfort for their consumers that are conscious. Their mission is to use their sustainable fashion to empower women. They really want you to feel and look good, while they are helping the environment. 


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For them, fashion not only should be stylish but also accessible and affordable. They have a commitment to create pieces that are high quality. They support their workers, believe in fair trade, and love giving back to their community. 

They have core values such as body positivity and inclusivity, but the most important one for them is sustainability. That’s the reason they have been creating products with high-quality materials and fabrics that are long-lasting and that will always hold up. 

In the range of products they offer, you will not only be able to find pieces like high waisted leggings, but also the most comfortable intimates you will find in the market. You will definitely be enjoying all of their products. 


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As sustainability is what drives everything they do, they know how much cotton can take a toll on the environment while consuming energy and fresh water, and the same with the harmful emissions that are produced by polyester, because of the oils used in its manufacture. This is why they have opted for collagen polyamide yarn, which are biomimetic fibers that have a permanent coating of collagen. 

They buy recycled fish scales from fisheries and then, after a lot of chemistry and intense rounds of purification, these are transformed into collagen polyamide yarn. Then they are weaved into their buttery-soft luxurious fabric and then 3D printed, so they can get more energy efficiency and also smoother lines. 


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How to achieve comfort and style

Cosmolle has a big range of activewear, that will allow you to look stylish but also will allow you to exercise and workout with the utmost comfort. There are a few steps you’ll need to follow, in order to experience and enjoy all the benefits from Cosmolle’s activewear. 

One of the first things to do is to actually measure yourself so you can properly choose the right size. Once you have your measurements, then check the size chart, and pick the size according to them. Don’t think that because a size is smaller it will make you look better, on the contrary, it will do the opposite. 


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Once you are sure of which one is your size, then is time to pick the style you want. Are you looking for a pre-made set? Do you want to be able to mix and match what you like in the colors that you like? Are you more into leggings or biker shorts? Maybe even a bodysuit? Or what type of top are you more into? A sports bra, a high-neck tank top? Or are you more into long or shorter sleeves? 

With Cosmolle you’ll have the opportunity to pick the pieces you want that go more according to your personal style and what you want to wear, and the best thing is that they will be not only extremely comfortable and soft, but their pieces will feel like they are a second skin to you. 


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